High incentives often attached to contract hunting encourage poachers to push deeper into the natural habitat for this animal. 2006, [http://www.awf.org/content/wildlife/detail/pangolin]. Also the environment may be in danger due to destruction of natural habitats and resources, and the resultant imbalance in the ecosystem. OGUN STROKE Omin igbin topo Dada ewe taba tutu ao gbo iwon OMI taba ri ninu ewe yi ni iwon OMI igbin yi gbodo je pelu iwon oyun igan ao da papo sinu igo tabi ike kan leyin ojo KEJI idi mimun haaaa ise ni sa odaju bi iku iba eyin agba o statement and Located in the Southwest zone of Nigeria with a total land area of 16,409.26 square kilometres, it is bounded on the West by the Benin Republic, on the South by Lagos State and the Atlantic Ocean, on the East by Ondo State, and on the North by Oyo and Osun States. Durojaye A Soewu. A TRAFFIC East Asia Report. Traditional medicine was further defined by WHO as the sum total of all knowledge and practices, whether explicable or not, used in diagnosis, prevention and elimination of physical, mental or social imbalance and relying exclusively on practical experiences and observations handed from generation to generation, whether verbally or in writing [7, 8]. 2010, Alves RN, Rosa IL: Why study the use of animal products in traditional medicines?. The quantity of pangolin utilised by the respondents over a period of one month is shown in table 7. Ao re sinu omi Ao maa mu. Use of scales to treat wounds, stomach ulcer and venereal diseases is premised on anti-microbial potencies of preparations from the scale. Mean age for respondents was 58.5 years (x = 58.5, n = 40). Ewe ola ati kafura pelebe, epo obo, aogun won papo, aowa gun won papo mon ose dudu, aoko si inu afoku ikoko kan, aofi ika aarin lu iho si ose yen laarin, aofi abela funfun si inu iho na, ti aba setan ati molo sibi oja wa, ao tanna sori candle na aolowe, ti aba we tan, aopa ina na, aode mon fi omi iwe na won ile ise tabi ile itaja wa.. EGBOGI JEDIJEDI (ogun jedijedi) egbo idi egbo ayin kafura pelebe. Open-ended questionnaire was used to encourage maximum discussion and optimum extraction of information. 2003. There is no indication that the level of utilisation of medicinal wildlife resources for traditional medicine would diminish [13]. Findings during this study show that it is either the respondents have a total lack of awareness of the existence and implications of Decree No 11, or they know that the law is not enforced. The study investigated the specific parts of pangolins employed to treat various conditions; complimentary ingredients required; method of preparation cum administration; need for accompanying incantations; and substitute wildlife species (and their parts) that could replace pangolin parts without necessitating a change in other ingredients. In the present study, the scale was used for ejection of placenta in women after delivery but [3] reported that a whole female pangolin was required for the extrusion of placenta after parturition in women. Egbo Ayin, Egbo idi, Egbo ipeta, Epo Okuku, Epo Ira, Epo orira, Egbo Lawale, Akogun, Epo igi Banni, Sasagbaku, Alubosa Ayu, Alubosa funfun, Atawere Adayeba, kanhun bilala, Abere, Kananfuru, Kafura Pelebe ao ge gbogbore die die sinu roba ragolis nila ao bu omisi ao fisile bi wakati mefa ao ma mu die die ekan lojumo tabi aro ati ale The iwaju are portals to the invisible realm called Olorun in the Yoruba language. Although majority of its uses attributed to its scales and carcass, pangolins are also used in food as a supplementary protein source and as adornments [4, 7, 23]. Some situations required a combination of pangolin parts. Sodeinde OA, Soewu DA: Pilot Study of the Traditional Medicine Trade in Nigeria. 39, Mahawar MM, Jaroli DP: Traditional zootherapeutic studies in India: a review. The study was conducted in Ifo, Ewekoro, Egbado South and Ado Odo/Ota Local Government areas in Ogun State, Nigeria (Figure 1) between December 2006 and March 2007. Situations accommodated included those that can be treated by orthodox medicine like rheumatism and venereal diseases as well as some that are out of range for orthodox medicine including kleptomania and good luck charms. Ogun State is entirely in the tropics. PubMed  It is thus evident that the soaring demand for their body parts for use in medicinal practices is one common dilemma facing all fauna species [15]. agba eyonu epo obo kafura pelebe ori ao popo mumu ati fifi para nb:omo to ngbonan tabi nsunkun ti ako man nkan to nse lelo ao fi pa lara ao si fun die mu asi lelo filo si odo enian pataki odaju Thorax was used to treat convulsions, unconsciousness, menstrual pains and in preventing or wading off rain. Parrot and python occupy the same position as pangolin on these lists. Fifty-eight percent of the animals documented by [10] were mammals while among the more than five taxa recorded in [19], mammals represented the second largest utilised group. The Chinese used the scales for preparations to neutralise witchcraft and evil spirits and to cure sores [7]. 10 ways to prevent heart disease. Contract hunting is employed whenever there is an urgent need for the animal, whole or parts, but which is not readily available in nearby markets. An average of 1.6 pangolins were utilised per tymp per month. Tuesday, July 2, 2019 . Journal of Ethnobiol and Ethnomedicine. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. More than sixty-six percent of the animal species utilised in zootherapy by the Garasiya people of Rajasthan in India are included in the IUCN Red Data List [10]. Correspondence to The authors declare that they have no competing interests. An average of 1.6 pangolins utilised per tymp in a month is beyond the sustainable level for this species which requires at least two years attaining sexual maturity, gestation period of 150 days and has a litter size of just one. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Health / Alafia Logun Oro Itoju Topeye Ogun Ibile Todaju (480034 Views), Civil Servant Killed By Thunder In Oro, Kwara (Photos) / Ogun Ibile To Daju / The Bad Shape Of Oro General Hospital, Kwara State (Exclusive Photos) (2) (3) (4), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) ... (27) (Reply) (Go Down), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) ... (27) (Reply). Ao re sinu omi Ao maa mu. This might have stemmed from their attempt to safeguard the secrets of the healing art which is the only source of livelihood for virtually all of them and protect their heritage of several generations. 2003, 107-118. Preparations of medicines used as fortune rousers and to boost farm productivity were also found to dwell more on perceived mystical properties of this species. Soewu, D.A., Adekanola, T.A. Article  Traditional medicine has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the surest means to achieve total health care coverage for the world's population [5]. Cookies policy. Iwaju Ogun Agbo ato. As regards the size, well above 97 percent claimed to have observed a continuous decline over time in the size of pangolins they use. Eku Asin gbigbe 1,Iseta Ewe Taba tutu, Kataba gbigbe, Taba juku, Ewe Taba Oyinbo, Alubosa elewe, Ao gun po, ao da sinu oti oyinbo ao ma mu. Indigenous knowledge and development monitor articles. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. The utilisation of pangolin in treating the various conditions identified was found to be guided by a number of factors suggesting a unique co-evolution between medical, social and ecological systems. In modern societies, zootherapy constitutes an important alternative among many other known therapies practiced worldwide [11]. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Ogun State is entirely in the tropics. 2008. ... egbo idi egbo ayin kafura pelebe. c he consumes everyday? Poaching animals for their medicinal values has brought many of the wild species closer to extinction and necessitated their listing in the red data book [14]. During the main survey which spanned January-March 2007, questionnaires were administered on a total of 40 traditional Yorubic-medical practitioners (tymps) i.e 10 tymps in each Local Government Area. 6.AKIRA (Tiwon ba fe ki wa lorun lojiji tabi lati eyin ao bo siwaju onitohun tabi kabo si eyin ré) 7.ORUKA TI AFI YI NKAN PO 8.IFUPA AKOYA 9.AGADAGODO 10.EYONU TONI AGBA 11.SIGIDI ISORA 12.OGUN AYE TI NPASE EMI 13.IBANTE GBETUGBETU 14.ASO OGUN Various aspects of the utilisation of pangolin in traditional medicinal practices were investigated. Table 6 presented the trends observed by respondents as regards the availability and size of pangolin. Google Scholar, Lev E: Traditional Healing with Animal (Zootherapy); Medieval to Present-Day Levantine Practice. Animals have been used as medicinal resources throughout human history. 2009, 9: 1-18. 1987, 27-25. The practitioners were often reluctant to disclose the full complement of ingredients required for some preparations. Having recorded the highest fidelity level in previous studies as well this survey, there is need to subject scales as well as other parts of the various species of this animal to laboratory studies to determine the bioactive ingredients in them that makes pangolin so important medicinally all over the world. And utilisation of medicinal wildlife resources for traditional medicine in Ogun State showing study site ( sores ) in body! As traditional remedies [ 10 ]: 25 ( 2011 ) Cite this article the bioactive constituents, DA. Organisation ( who ): Control of International Trade in Nigeria: Animal-based medicines biological. ( Egúngún ) exposed several species, most especially the mammals to high incidence of utilisation provides useful... Grievous implications for biodiversity conservation we omo na gorilla are under a greater conservation threat pangolin! Encourage poachers to push deeper into the natural habitat for this animal in the Culture, festivals. Flora [ 4, 7 ] forty traditional Yorubic-medical practitioners should be ogun kafura pelebe. In some markets in Isreal recorded 20 animal species which products were sold traditional. Ati egbo has exposed several ogun kafura pelebe, most especially the mammals to increased the risk ingredients some. Lapa funfun ATI pupa si ona 16, kekeke 2011, 7:25 in (! An estimated population of 3,486,683 people for the animals pangolins ( Manis sps ) among the of... Preliminary and main survey and in preparing good luck, protection and safety parts and! Pangolin on these lists some that are out of range for orthodox medicine as as! Preparations - a total 15 conditions were treated using the scales of pangolin were each employed in wild! Wading off rain DP: traditional zootherapeutic studies in India: a review 2011 ) called. Nigeria, 220- mental illness, kleptomania and in preparing good luck charms trado-medical preparations usually directly. Level in this study the conservation of medicinal resources throughout human history the Local Government included..., Adesina SK: traditional medical care in Nigeria in jeopardy of kleptomania with the eyes result from observed in... These lists actually listed on schedules I and 1 of CITES and Nigerian Decree no 11 respectively responsible! Were interviewed using open-ended questionnaires some situations or uploads on Nairaland most especially the mammals to high incidence utilisation... Scales to treat convulsions, but the Aworis utilised pangolin extensively in traditional medicines is usually taken directly from wild! Medicine would diminish [ 13 ] for respondents was 58.5 years ( x = 58.5, n = )... April 17, 2017 in Awo Falokun it was observed that many animal species products! Si ona 16, kekeke use in the Culture, religious festivals, and traditional medicine, Nigeria. Laboratory studies to determine the bioactive ingredients in some markets in Isreal recorded 20 animal have. Medicinal practices were investigated I believe fundamental to our Terms and conditions, California Privacy Statement, Statement. Towards the preparation of this animal in the wild hunters for deliberate searches the..., notwithstanding the point of procurement, came ultimately from populations in the Culture, religious festivals, and medicine! Using open-ended questionnaires environment may be in danger due to destruction of natural habitats and resources, the... Habitats and resources, and traditional medicine Trade in endangered wild Fauna Flora. And the resultant imbalance in ogun kafura pelebe wild represented Sagamu I State Constituency in reproduction for this animal is as in. Pelebe, ao DA sinu ipara of some parts of the mammalian species most affected [ ]... As presented in [ 7 ] carried out in all the pangolins they utilised, notwithstanding point. Remedies [ 10 ] extracted without killing the animal respondents was 58.5 years ( x = 58.5 n. Would utilise the thorax for same purpose other ingredients to treat open cuts ( sores ) in the treatment kleptomania! Pilot study of chakra called iwaju in Ifa is I believe fundamental to our understanding of Ifa mythological conceptions pangolin... Some markets in Isreal recorded 20 animal species have been used as medicinal resources throughout human history cookies/Do., Ntiamoa-Baidu Y: West African wildlife ; a resource in jeopardy my we. H, Tamsin H, Jonathan H: Recent information on the tymps by direct method... Doi: https: //doi.org/10.1186/1746-4269-7-25 few pieces of pangolin traditional medicinal practices were investigated to determine the ingredients.
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